Gottlieb and Christina Raile

Gottlieb and Christina Raile left the small village of Neudorf, Russia (now known as Karmanova, Moldova) with their three small children in 1884.  With them traveled Christina's parents, John and Christina Gienger.  The entire group made their way to the port of Bremen, Germany, and boarded the ship EMS for a month long voyage to America and arrived in the emigrant depot, Castle Garden, New York.

The Raile family traveled from New York to Sutton, Nebraska, where they spent the winter of 1885.  (A majority of settlers in Sutton were German-Russians who started arriving in 1873.)

The family found their way to northwest Kansas and settled on land northwest of St. Francis, Kansas, on land they acquired through the Homestead Act of 1862.

See pictures of the homestead.          See large family portrait.

They raised sixteen children:

Dorathea  - died in infancy in Russia in 1879
Christina - 1880-1906
Magdalena - 1882-1946
Gottlieb - 1883-1965
Dorathea - 1885-1982
John - 1887-1934
Peter - 1889-1973
Frederick - 1890-1936
Gustane - 1892-1971
Michael - 1894-1979
Katherine - 1896-1991
Martha - 1899-1985
Jacob - 1901-1985
George - 1903-1941
Philip - 1905-1983
Elizabeth - 1908-

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