Michael Raile
Michael Raile 1894-1979
Michael was born November 7, 1894.  He married Bertha Eberhardt in 1919, and the couple had six children.  Mike was an active member of the community and brought joy to those around him.

Bertha and Michael Raile

The children of Bertha and Michael Raile:
Berenice Lillian Raile Reinhold
Corrine Ruth Raile Montgomery 1926 - 1998
Dwane Donald Raile
Elaine Mae Raile Kite
Anita Marie Raile Miller

Corrine, Berenice, Dwane, Anita, Elaine
sitting Michael and Bertha

Michael and Bertha Raile at the Bird City, Kansas thresher show, 1982

Jack and Berenice Reinhold

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