Hoffnungstal, Russia
pictures courtesy of Rueb family, scanned by Dale Wahl

German Lutheran Church in center of Hoffnungstal Odessa - 1920s
Grade School in background to the right.  Bell Tower had three bells of different sizes which rang different bells for various purposes, The roof was tin and painted green - walls including the stone wall around the church was painted white - the turning weather vane on the steeple was a rooster.

Hoffnungstal Kindergarten class
(40-45), summer of 1918 - Director Rosina Eisenmann - ages 5-7 (in front is Pastor Winkler's boy)

Hoffnungstal High School
1918 photo - built 1909/10 - East entrance; Hexagässle Str

Hoffnungstal Government Liquor Store, Ice Plant and Dairy
photo 1913  (Friedrich Fiechtner?)

Team and sled are parked in front of High School building
Right side (hillside) of Hexagässle Str looking north -1943.

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