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Jakob Raile
Born 1868 in Klein Neudorf, Russia
Married 1889 to Carolina Wanner in Klein Neudorf, Russia
Died 1930 in Wishek, North Dakota, USA

Jacob Raile
Johann Raile
Magdalena Raile
Friedrich Raile
Christian Raile (later changed to Riley)          
Carolina Raile
Lydia Raile
Reinhold Raile
Katherina Raile

Andrew Raile
Born in 1856 in Neudorf, Russia
Married in 1881 to Rosina Eberhardt in Neudorf, Russia
Died in 1934 in Eureka, South Dakota

Andrew Raile was born in Neudorf, Russia, on August 9, 1856, to Michael Raile and Katharina Zweygardt Gienger Raile.  He was the fourth born of six children with three sisters and two brothers.  On February 10, 1881, Andrew married Rosina Eberhardt in Neudorf.  She was the daughter of Johann Georg and Katharina (Rudolf) Eberhardt.

Three years later the couple emigrated to the United States on the ship SS Eider sailing from Bremen, Germany, to New York, New York, arriving in port December 22, 1884, and processed through Castle Garden (before Ellis Island).  Traveling with them were their two small children, Barbara, age 3, and Friedric, age 1.  Rosina was pregnant with her third child during the voyage and gave birth to Magdalena four months later in Tripp, South Dakota.  Also traveling with them was Andrew's older brother Michael Raile, his wife, Katharina and their six children, Katharina, Michael, Magdalena, John David and Elizabeth.  (Michael and Andrew's brother, Gottlieb Raile, had emigrated a few months earlier and settled in Kansas.)

After spending the winter of 1884 in Tripp, North Dakota, the family homesteaded ten miles southwest of Eureka, South Dakota.  Andrew died March 15, 1934, of pneumonia and was buried in the Sutley Cemetery in Eureka, South Dakota.  Rosina died four years later on December 2, 1938, after living at the Good Samaritan Home in Eureka, South Dakota.  She also was buried in the Sutley Cemetery.

Andrew and Rosina Raile

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