A site to learn, reacquaint and remember fondly a family that has deep roots that spread around the world.

Included in this web site is information I have accumulated over the years about my immediate, extended and very extended Raile family.  My research started with my grandparents, Gottlieb and Regina Raile.  Both were Germans who lived in Russia because their great grandparents moved from Württemberg to the Black Sea area after Catherine the Great and her grandson Alexander I offered incentives for Germans to develop the fertile steppes in the late 1700's and the early 1800's.

When Gottlieb and Regina's families found it difficult to continue living in Russia, they moved to the northwest corner of Kansas in 1885.  The two met and raised their family of ten children, including my father Raymond.  The tree branches began to reach out beyond the heartland of America, and through the years I have found Raile relatives around the world.

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